How do I know what type of air conditioner I need for my home?

Answer: Dave Broussard A/C & Heating has knowledgeable, experienced, professionally, skilled, trained comfort specialist that will take the time to explain all details, and answer any questions about our highly efficient systems and products.

What does a heating & cooling load calculation determine?

Answer: Load calculation will determine the proper tonnage you will need to deliver comfort to your home, including even temperatures throughout the home, resulting in comfort. Load calculations take into consideration ceiling heights, window sizes & styles (single/double pain), window locations (east, west), door styles, insulation in the home, flooring, etc… resulting in correctly sizing your system to meet the needs of the home. The old way was determined on square footage, leaving consumers with energy wasting, and uncomfortable temperature swings in the home, by under sizing air conditioner units.

Why is it necessary to perform Cooling & Heating Load Calculations in my home?

Answer: Dave Broussard A/C & Heating performs load calculations on every home. To correctly, properly size and design a system that will best fit your home, a Load Calculation must be performed. This will deliver total comfort to the home owner. Every home is different; therefore it is required to do the load calculation.

Does your company offer financing options?

Answer: Financing is available with approved credit. Lean More about Financing

What is the cost to get an estimate on replacing my existing system?

Answer: Dave Broussard A/C & Heating will provide a quote, with absolutely no obligations! Contact our Comfort Specialist Team at (337) 658-3762 or 337-330-1111 to schedule an appointment. We will come to your home and perform the proper load calculations to replace your old HVAC system at no charge.

I currently do not have a Trane Air conditioner; can I still get my air conditioner serviced?

Answer: Dave Broussard A/C & Heating services ALL makes and models. Our Service Agreement consists of a thorough cleaning and inspection on the Indoor Unit, Outdoor unit, Filtration Systems, Drain Lines, Coils, Air Leak Checks, etc… This cost effective, service will result in a longer lasting, more productive system.


What if my Air Conditioner is not working on a Saturday or Sunday?

Answer: Dave Broussard A/C & Heating is dedicated to the customers. On call 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends. If you are without air conditioning or heating Dave Broussard A/C & Heating will be there to take care of your needs.