With South Louisiana’s scorching summer temperatures well on their way, locals are looking for ways to save energy while staying comfortable thanks to their air conditioners. Here are 5 tips to keep your energy bills low and your comfort high this summer!

1. Use shade to cut cooling costs.

A lot of your home’s unwanted heat absorption comes through your windows. When the sun is out, close all of your shades, drapes, and blinds. For added solar heat protection, consider purchasing solar screens for your windows, which can block the sun’s heat and glare.

Other shading devices and techniques include awnings, shutters, shrubbery, trees, and climbing vines. Check out this landscaping for shade guide from energy.gov for some natural ways to save on your cooling costs. You can spice up your home and cut cooling costs at the same time!

2. Take advantage of a programmable thermostat.

Simply put, a programmable thermostat saves money and improves comfort. Setting the thermostat to fit your schedule will keep the temperature higher when you’re away and lower when you arrive so you don’t have to wait in the heat while your home cools down.

Keep in mind lowering the thermostat to its lowest setting will not cool your home any faster. It will only cause your system to run for a longer period of time. If you forget to raise the temperature back up, you could be wasting a lot of money and energy, so don’t do it!

3. Seal up air leaks.

Sealing up even the smallest cracks around your windows and doors can make a big difference in your cooling costs. Go around your windows and doors, and look for cracks or gaps. If you can see light coming through, it definitely needs to be sealed!

Don’t cool the neighborhood -- keep the cold air in and the hot air out! Use weatherproof caulk and weatherstripping around your doors and windows where cracks and gaps are less than 1/4 inch. Use expandable foam spray for any gaps larger than this.

4. Avoid heat buildup during the day.

One of the biggest causes of heat buildup in your home is cooking. Instead of using your oven, try using the microwave or a toaster oven; better yet, grill outdoors when you can!

Try to cook hot meals at night or early in the morning. Cutting back on the amount of time you have the oven and stove on during the day can make a big difference in your home’s temperature and your cooling costs.

5. Schedule Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

You probably think it is completely normal to take your car or truck in for maintenance, such as an oil change or tire rotation. Well, the same goes for your HVAC system! Scheduling professional air conditioning maintenance will ensure that your system is operating as efficiently as possible.

Professional maintenance can also significantly increase the lifespan of your system and reduce cooling costs. Potential problems will be found and corrected before they become actual problems. Small repairs can often be made on the spot, and we can even make suggestions on more ways to save on energy costs.

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