Fall is finally here in Acadiana, and the weather is getting cooler. Cooler weather, however, begs a tough question for homeowners - is your HVAC system up to par? The last thing anyone wants is a broken unit during these chillier months, especially when it starts to freeze outside. Neglecting your HVAC unit can wreak havoc on your entire system, costing you more money in the long run. Changes in air temperature can and most likely will affect heating and cooling units, especially those that are not taken care of properly. Here is our Fall HVAC Q&A to help get you prepared for the winter months.


Do I need to run my A/C unit as much as I did during the summer?

No! Take advantage of this cold weather by opening windows and using ceiling fans. Units do not need to be continually running and can be set to run less or at much lower power. Ceiling fans do a great job of circulating the cold air that is being created outdoors. Also, leaving windows open during the day (in a safe environment) freshens the air inside your home and keeps everything cool. Simply opening up windows comes at a lower cost than continually running air conditioning. It can also be beneficial to close the blinds on your windows. Shades can keep cold air in and prevent heat from coming in through the window panes. About 25% of a home’s hot and cold air escapes through small holes and cracks in the house, which means blinds and curtains are great energy savers. Also, nights are usually cooler in general, so during colder months, the air outside can be enough for you to turn your unit off at night and rely on fans for circulation.


2. Do I need to replace my air filters in the Fall if I am using my unitless system?

It is never a good idea to neglect to change out your unit filters. Even if the unit is not running as frequently, debris still builds up and causes issues. The best thing to do is change your filter regularly and get routine check-ups on your unit. There are low-cost options to keep a unit clean and efficient - replacing a damaged unit can be expensive. When a filter is not correctly changed, it causes unnecessary strain on the unit’s parts by being dirty and clogged. The general rule is to replace an air conditioner filter every 30-90 days, so if you are not using your unit as much, it can be closer to 90 depending on the air quality inside your home. In addition to changing air filters, you can buy higher quality filters that may last longer and filter more efficiently. Who doesn’t want a healthier, happier home?


3. What’s that strange noise my unit is making?

If you notice an unusual noise coming from your unit, call us immediately. Noises can stem from a variety of different problems that can be negatively affecting your A/C unit. Loose screws, bolts, and blockages can all cause issues if not dealt with appropriately! It is less expensive to maintain your unit than to have to replace it entirely.


4. How often do I need to call for maintenance for my unit?

It is important to have maintenance done on your unit twice a year. Making sure your unit is issue-free allows it to transition from hot weather to cool weather, and vice versa, with ease! It is just as important to service your heating unit and furnace as your A/C unit.


5. How can I help my unit run efficiently during colder months?


The best way to keep your unit running efficiently during colder months is to take off as much strain from it as possible. Make sure your attic is well insulated and prevent air from escaping through cracks in your home by repairing and fixing any breaks. Keep your roof repaired and outside bricks and vinyl maintained to maintain optimum heating and cooling unit performance!



Going over our Fall Q&A should ensure that your heater and furnace are providing a safe and healthy work or living environment. As colder weather starts approaching, make sure you are taking the time to guarantee your HVAC system is in top-notch condition to make it through the winter. Always remember to be proactive and schedule your inspection with us today at Dave Broussard A/C & Heating!