5 Foreboding HVAC System Sounds

Your central heating and AC unit will naturally make noise when it's in operation. However, there are some sounds that you shouldn't hear at all. Below are five noises that may serve as a warning to get the unit repaired.



1. Rattling and Banging

A loud rattling within the HVAC system is almost always a sign of a loose component. This could be loose wiring in the blower unit or failing motor bearings. When either of these problems becomes worse, it begins to create a banging noise. Rattling may also occur if debris is being blown around the system. A clanking noise may develop when a part is out of balance.



2. Squealing

Some units will squeal upon starting up. This is normal; however, a prolonged squealing may point to a bad motor, either the outdoor fan motor or the indoor blower motor. Before a system breaks down, homeowners may want a professional technician to perform AC repairs because the weather can get hot in Broussard.



3. Grinding

With a worn-out compressor, the pistons inside may grind against each other. This may necessitate a complete HVAC replacement. Grinding could also be the result of a broken blower fan belt, which is less serious.



4. Hissing or Screaming

As with other noises, a short hissing is nothing to worry about. Hissing over a long period, though, may be caused by a refrigerant leak. Such a leak might also produce a screaming sound. Homeowners are advised to call a technician immediately because leaking refrigerant is harmful to one's health and the environment.




Clicking is normal when the system turns on and off. During operation, however, it indicates a defect in the relay or control.



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