As winter approaches, you may be thinking of ways you can conserve energy to protect the earth's resources and protect your wallet. Properly insulating your home can help you save by keeping warm air in and cold air out. Dave Broussard A/C & Heating provides HVAC and home insulation services in Broussard and surrounding areas.


Seal Air Leaks to Keep Warm Air In

Virtually any type of wall can allow your optimally-heated indoor air to escape your home. If you live in an older home, there is no such thing as too much caulking and weather stripping to seal air leaks. Older construction styles mean there will generally always be enough fresh air circulating throughout the home even after sealing the biggest air leaks.



Insulate HVAC Ducts

Leaking air ducts may lower your home's energy efficiency by up to 20 percent. When you seal and insulate your ducts, air will be able to travel to all parts of your home as efficiently as possible. This is especially true of ducts that pass through uninhabited areas of your home like the attic or unfinished basement.



Choosing a Type of Insulation

When choosing insulation, the label will typically state an R-value per inch, which measures the resistance of heat transfer. A higher R-value will give you more insulation. Tighter spaces will require insulation with a higher R-value. However, more open spaces like attics can be insulated with a less heat-resistant product, which can be doubled.



Getting Started

The attic is the best and least expensive place to start. You may also want to insulate the main floor walls, basement, and crawl spaces. While you can insulate your home as a DIY project, it is best to have your home inspected by a licensed HVAC professional. In addition to inspections we are also available to provide:



    • Air conditioning repair and installation
    • Mitsubishi mini-splits
    • Insulation
    • Indoor air quality
    • Commercial HVAC
    • Heating inspection, repair, and installation


Our comfort specialists have more than a decade of collective experience in providing heating and cooling solutions. Call us today, and we'll help get your home insulated for winter.