It's heating season in Broussard, LA, which means you're likely looking for ways to keep your home comfortable while saving on your energy bill. One of the questions our customers most frequently ask our technicians at Dave Broussard A/C & Heating is whether we recommend allowing their furnace fan to run continuously. Read on to learn whether keeping your furnace fan in the "on" position is an efficient way to heat your house.


The Stack Effect

Hot air is lighter than cold air. Therefore, the heated air in your home naturally rises when the cooler air falls to lower levels. This phenomenon is called the stack effect. Continuously running your furnace fan allows air to circulate throughout your house, thereby balancing the warm and cool air. We offer furnace fan inspection, repair, and installation services to keep your home comfortable.



Impact on Your Electric Bill

You're likely wondering if running your furnace fan continuously will affect your electric bill. If your furnace has an Energy Star rating, it's equipped with a variable speed motor that's designed to run continuously, adding only a few additional dollars to your energy bill. Older models may add an additional $10 to $12 to your monthly heating bill. Over time, running your furnace fan continuously will likely cause your energy bill to decrease as a result of achieving a more consistent desired temperature throughout your house.



Consistent Heating for Single-Story Homes

The stack effect mostly applies to homes that have rooms on more than one level. Nevertheless, you should opt to continuously run your furnace fan if you live in a single-story house. Your residence likely experiences different temperature zones from sunrise to sunset. Operating your furnace fan will provide more balanced heating throughout the day and night regardless of how much sun exposure each room in your home receives.


To learn more about how you can heat your home efficiently, call Dave Broussard A/C & Heating today to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed technicians. We serve southern Louisiana with effective heating and air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services.