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Is it worth it to sign up for a regular HVAC maintenance plan? We often get asked this question by both homeowners and even business owners. The truth is that a maintenance plan may seem like a “gimmick” sold by HVAC companies to add on to your bill. We find that most people that are hesitant about signing up for a plan are confused about what they’re buying into, or why it matters in the long run.

Staying warm can be expensive during the winter months, and there's nothing fun about having to pay a pricey heating bill. It can be annoying having to bundle up with two pairs of socks, jackets, and extra layers of clothing to stay warm in your own home to save money.

Some of the coldest temperatures of the year are quickly approaching Acadiana! Nevertheless, Dave Broussard A/C & Heating is dedicated to keeping your heating costs low and your comfort levels high. We’re sharing with you some simple tips to keep your energy bills as low as possible in winter time!

Temperatures are dropping in Acadiana and winter has finally reached us. The wetness that inevitably follows the winter months can, unfortunately, be one of the best times for molds to grow inside of homes. Most residents are aware of the fact that mold growth within the house is horrible. Not only can the health side effects of mold be severe, but the cost of removing it can also be incredibly high.

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