Technological advancements and government regulations are bringing about changes that may call on you to replace your air conditioner. Though you may not think it is necessary to do so, if you find any of the following factors pertaining to you, it may be more cost-effective and environmentally sound to change your air conditioning unit soon.


1. Your Air Conditioner Has a SEER of Under 14

A SEER rating is to your air conditioner what a miles per gallon rate is to an automobile. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio tells you how efficient your air conditioning unit is at cooling your space. If your air conditioner is not efficient at cooling your home, the cost of replacing it is well worth what you will spend.



2. Too Many Repairs

If you find yourself calling an HVAC professional a bit too often to repair your air conditioner, then it makes sense to save on the frequent visits by replacing the unit. Having your air conditioner break down or not cool your home adequately can be frustrating. You and your loved ones have to endure high temperatures while you wait for the AC professional to find the time to stop by.



3. Your Air Conditioner Uses Older Refrigerant Type

Freon, which has been the refrigerant used by air conditioners for decades, is being phased out. The government is implementing laws to make the use of R410A refrigerant the standard for cooling. One of the more frequent reasons you may call your AC specialist to your home is to refill your unit's Freon. Save money by switching to a newer air conditioner that uses the new type of refrigerant. That way, you can enjoy the savings while being compliant with regulations well in advance.

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