Rain storm water is gushing and splashing off the tile shingle roof - pouring over the overhanging eaves trough aluminum roof gutter system on a suburban residential colonial style house near Rochester, New York State, USA during a torrential July mid summer downpour.

How to Protect Your AC From Storms

August 31, 2021

We want you to have a reliable air conditioner before, during, and after a storm. Use these tips to help protect your home’s system.

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Man cannot sleep at night time

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noise?

August 16, 2021

If your air conditioner is making an unusual or harsh noise, use these tips to identify the issue and the problems it indicates.

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Person's hand adjusting a wall mounted thermostat temperature

Is It Normal for My AC to Turn On and Off?

July 30, 2021

Is your home’s air conditioner turning on and off in quick successions? Here are several reasons this is happening and how to fix it.

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Ceiling mold

Does an AC Kill Mold?

July 15, 2021

Your air conditioner can dehumidify your home, removing excess moisture and help prevent mold growth.

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Close up horizontal photo of female hand cleaning dirty bathroom fan vent cover with blue sponge

Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Important

June 30, 2021

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned can give you peace of mind, cleaner air to breathe, and help your HVAC system work more efficiently.

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Dirty air filter

The Problem With Clogged Air Filters

June 14, 2021

Our team wants to remind you about the importance of replacing your clogged air filter to help improve your home’s health.

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Dandelion flower in Broussard relating to air conditioner filtration to help allergies

Does an Air Conditioner Help With Allergies?

May 11, 2021

Whether you suffer from Broussard seasonal allergies or year-long allergens like pet dander or dust, your air conditioner can help you breathe easier. With the correct filter, your indoor air quality (IAQ) can be improved, filtering out allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and other irritant air particles.

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energy saving tip 2

Video – Energy Saving Tip #3

April 22, 2021

Close your blinds on sun-facing windows during the day to keep the sun from heating up your home and causing your AC to use more energy. Contact Dave Broussard A/C & Heating today for more information at 337-221-0574

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improve indoor air quality

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

April 9, 2021

At Dave Broussard A/C & Heating, we specialize in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that add value to your home and enjoyment to your lives. After all, nothing spells happiness like fresh air.

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top of an air conditioning unit

Video – The Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

March 30, 2021

The best time of year to have your AC serviced is spring, even if you reside in a locale with pretty warm weather all year long.

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