It is very common for homeowners to overwork their AC system. This can cause the unit to break down, or at least cause parts to wear out more quickly than they should. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not familiar with the signs that they are overworking their air conditioners. Key signs may include the AC unit freezing over or the system failing to get the temperature down to what you have specified. To learn more about the signs that your AC system is being overworked, read on.


The AC Unit Freezes Over

It is quite common for AC units to freeze over. Some owners may think that this is simply indicating that the AC unit is keeping their house nice and cool. However, they may not know that it is actually a problem. However, an AC unit that freezes over is a symptom of one of several different problems. One of the possible issues causing an AC to freeze over is that the system is being overworked. If your AC unit is frozen over, raise your specified temperature and see if the frost clears up. If the frost is still there, contact a professional for repair or replacement services. 



Your AC Unit Cannot Get Down to Your Specified Temperature

If you set a low temperature and your AC unit simply could not get down to it, it will be overworked. This is because AC units usually turn off when they have achieved the desired temperature and only turn on to maintain it. If your AC unit is constantly working to maintain an impossibly cold temperature, it will be straining quite hard. As previously mentioned, this could lead to a breakdown in the AC system if it continues for an extended period of time.



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