If you have pets, you are more likely to have air quality issues in your house. This is because their fur or dander can get and stay in the air. Animals can also bring in dirt, dust, or pollen that can make its way throughout the home. How can you keep the air as clean as possible?


Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

The easiest way to keep fur or other particles out of the air is to keep such items off the floor or from getting deep into the carpet. This can be done by regularly sweeping wood floors or by vacuuming carpets to remove as much fur, dander, and other particles as possible. It may be a good idea to have floors professionally cleaned on a monthly or quarterly basis.



Groom Your Pets

Brushing your pet or having its coat trimmed can help to reduce the amount of fur that it sheds in the house. It may also be a good idea to have your pet wear boots or a coat when it goes outside. This can keep the fur dry, which makes it less likely that anything will stick to it. If it can’t stick to your animal, there’s less of a chance that it can be brought inside.



Have Air Filters Replaced Every 30 Days

Under normal conditions, you can generally keep an air filter in place for about 90 days. However, at Dave Broussard A/C & Heating in Broussard, we recommend changing air filters on a more frequent basis if you have pets. This helps circulate dander-free air throughout your home.


If you are looking to keep your home's air safe to breathe, we can help you change your air filter, repair a heater, or maintain an air conditioner. We can also install insulation or a generator to ensure that your home is able to function as it should all year long. Call Dave Broussard A/C & Heating today to set up an appointment.