A breeze of cold air is nice when out on a boat on a lake. Cold air coming from a furnace is not as pleasant, though. Cold air doesn't heat a home during cold winter seasons. Without hot air inside the house, your comfort level drops, and you run the risk of bursting pipes and causing other issues. Here are some reasons why a furnace may be blowing cold air.

furnace blowing cold air

The Furnace's Filter Is Past Due for Replacing

A filter serves an essential purpose: It grabs and holds impurities circulating through the system. Once the filter passes a particular point of age and dirt collection, it will need to be replaced. Otherwise, scores of problems, including the blowing of cold air occurs. At Dave Broussard A/C & Heating, our technicians deal with both minor and major furnace issues all the time. As part of our routine maintenance service, we can help you replace your furnace filter.


Thermostats and Settings

Many people check the filter first, but the problem may be something away from the furnace itself. Look at the thermostat to determine its setting.


Sometimes, the thermostat setting might appear as "ON," which means the fans spins without the furnace fired up. Cold air then circulates. Changing the setting to "AUTO" fires up the furnace and ensures that the fan blows hot air.


The Pilot Light Is Off

The burners require the pilot light to be lit. Otherwise, there's nothing to ignite the gas. If the pilot light goes out, then the burners do, too. Check your owner's manual to see how to re-ignite the pilot light. Sometimes, pushing down the ignition button in the described manner is all that's necessary.


The pilot light should stay on once re-lit. If not, then there's something more serious wrong with the system. When the ignition system suffers from an undetermined problem, repairs may be necessary and unavoidable.

Don't wait around while your furnace isn't doing its job. Call Dave Broussard A/C & Heating to set up a service call in Broussard, LA. We offer a full range of heating and cooling services and can also assist with indoor air quality. Contact us today.