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Cooling & Heating Services

Acadiana Commercial HVAC Service Contractor

Dave Broussard AC & Heating provides commercial HVAC services throughout the Acadiana area! If you own a business in Lafayette or the surrounding area, you can count on our quality, professional service to get the job done quickly, right, and within your budget.

Corporate & Business HVAC Services

At Dave Broussard, we employ factory trained technicians to make sure we provide the best quality HVAC work to our commercial customers. Whether your business needs a new heating or cooling system, cleaner air, or better airflow, we are the team you can trust to get the job done.

Here are some of the systems we install, maintain and repair at Dave Broussard:

Commercial Products

  • Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Business HVAC Unit Repair & Maintenance
  • Emergency Repair
  • Rooftop HVAC Installation
  • Commercial Ventilators and other indoor air quality products

Our technicians are qualified to repair and maintain all makes and models of equipment. We run a business just like you, so we can relate to business owners well, and make sure they are always on the same page as us, so the right product is installed.


Business HVAC Repair, Maintenance, and Service

For some businesses, a day without AC or heating can be the difference between being open or closed. Here at Dave Broussard we are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to make sure we can serve you whenever you need us.

No matter what day it is, we will service any heating or air conditioning system you have in your office or business. Once the installation process is complete, we will provide maintenance recommendations to keep your HVAC system running smoothly to save you money. When working with our business clients, our goal is to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently at the lowest cost and highest value.

Choose Dave Broussard AC & Heating for Your Next Commercial HVAC Project

  • We're here for you 7 days a week and offer emergency service when you need it.

  • Our HVAC technicians are factory-trained and skilled veterans in their craft.

  • We use the very best products the HVAC industry has to offer, Trane.

  • We can help you design, build & install custom HVAC cooling and heating solutions for your business

  • We can relate to business owners make the entire process easy. We will always strive to meet any budget and deadline provided.


With such a vast array of services, Dave Broussard AC & Heating will continue to help hundreds of businesses stay comfortable throughout the year. You can also rest assured knowing your employees are breathing clean, fresh air. Dave Broussard technicians take pride in their work, so call us today and find out for yourself just how much we care about the work we do!



Heating Services 

The winters here in South Louisiana may be considered mild by some, but it’s critical that you have reliable heating for your home. At, Dave Broussard AC & Heating, we understand the needs and desires of our neighbors, and we go above and beyond the normal standard to keep Acadiana warm during winter.

Whether you are looking for a furnace or a heat pump system, we offer installation, maintenance and repair for all of your heating needs. Let our professional staff install a new heating system that is right for you or help you maintain your current system. We specialize in heating and cooling services for your home. Call us today with any questions.


Heating Installation

One size does not fit all. Every home is unique in its heating needs. Our Comfort Specialist will help determine what heating system is right for you. We will inspect your home and make recommendations on what type of heating system will be the most cost effective and efficient for your home. Whether you are looking for a furnace or heat pump system, we can help install a new heating system that is right for you.

We carry the best Trane products available to the public, and our staff is looking forward to your sharing them with you. Give us a call, so we can help you install a new heating system for your home today!

Heating Replacement

Replacing your heating system can be very costly, but so can the constant repair bills to keep your old heating system running. It may be time to replace your old furnace or heat pump. With the technological advances the HVAC industry has had, today's systems are much more efficient than systems 8 to 10 years ago. Our expert team will evaluate your old heating system to determine if an upgrade to a new heating system makes sense for your family. Once you decide, our staff can quickly and professionally install a new high-efficiency heating system in your home.

good 4Heating Maintenance

If you can't remember the last time that your heating system was serviced, it's time to call us to schedule a heating maintenance seasonal tune-up. Your heating system is like a car; it requires service to run efficiently. If you are not scheduling annual maintenance on your heating system, you are risking costly repairs as well as the possibility of system failure. Scheduling regular maintenance on your furnace or heat pump will ensure that your system is running efficiently and help avoid the potential problem of having to replace the system. Our heating maintenance tune-ups inspect all major components of your furnace or heat pump.

Dave Broussard AC Services all of Acadiana, including:

  • Lafayette, LA 70508 Heating Services
  • Broussard, LA 70518 Heating Services
  • Youngsville, LA 70592 Heating Services
  • St Martinville, LA 70582 Heating Services
  • New Iberia, LA 70562 Heating Services
  • Carencro, LA 70520 Heating Services

Heating Repair 

In the event that your heating system breaks down, you can rest assured that our factory trained technicians can get your system back up and running quickly. Our service technicians are trained to work on all makes and models of furnaces or heat pumps. Our technicians will be professional, timely and knowledgeable. If your system is not heating properly or if it is blowing cold air, please give us a call so we can address the problem and fix your system. Don't be left in the cold when your system breaks down, call us today!

Furnaces and Heat Pumps 

We offer a broad range of high efficient furnace and heat pump models to choose from if you are thinking about replacing your old heating source. We will ensure that the new furnace or heat pump is properly installed and maintained for many years to come. Call us today if you are interested in replacing your old furnace or heat pump. We also offer furnace and heat pump repair and maintenance. Today, gas furnaces offer efficiency ratings of up to 98% AFUE. That means they can use 98% of all gas consumed to produce heat. This will save you money on future gas bills.

With so many different options out there, it’s important that you do your research, ask a lot of questions, and talk to a professional. Start your journey to a new heating system with us at Dave Broussard, today!

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Make Sure Your Indoor Air Quality is Clean

indoor-air-quality.jpgDust, pollen, bacteria, mold, and allergens should be concerns for every homeowner. Your indoor air quality concerns are our indoor quality concerns. We not only want to install a great heating and cooling system in your home but we want to install a system that allows you to breathe CLEAN filtered air.

Many times the air inside your home has poorer air quality than the air outside your home. That is a scary truth. Your family’s health is always important and we consider the indoor air quality a major factor in our new system installations. We offer the very best in air cleaners and air purifiers. We offer whole-house air cleaning systems that can remove 99.9% of the airborne allergens in your home. If any of your family members suffer from asthma, consider installing an air cleaner in your home. Ask about our other indoor air quality solutions that can make your home comfortable with cleaner air.

Another way to reduce your risk of poor air quality is to ensure that you air filters are changed on a monthly basis. The filters can become full of dust and dirt quickly, so ensure you are keeping your filters clean by replacing them regularly.

Choosing the Right Air Cleaning System

There are many options when it comes to air filters and air purifiers. Consider the size of the pollutants that you are trying to filter. Get your air tested to determine what allergens or pollutants are present in your home. A media filter may capture dust and pollen, but smaller particles like mold spores or smoke particles will go right through it. The highest rated media filters (HEPA) can capture up to 99.9% of all contaminants 0.3 microns or larger, but those can restrict air flow. If you have smaller pollutants in your home, consider the whole house option. The whole house air cleaner is installed with your furnace or air handler. That way all the air that circulates your house is filtered through the air cleaner. Some air cleaners today can remove 99.99% of airborne allergens that are filtered through the system including pollutants smaller than .1 microns.

All this information can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re beginning to learn about indoor air quality. So, give us a call, and we’ll answer any questions you have and help you get on the path to cleaner air today.

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Air Conditioning Services

Summer here in Acadiana is unlike anywhere else, between the heat and humidity, air conditioning is a must. Installing a new air conditioner, repairing your old AC, or just tuning up the current system are all ways you can ensure that your system runs all summer long. We employ the very best factory trained technicians and air conditioning contractors in Lafayette to make sure you receive the very best in in-home comfort. Call us today to learn about all of our cooling services. We want to ensure that you are cool and comfortable all summer long.


Air Conditioning Installation

When it comes to air conditioning systems, one size does not fit all, and if you’re building a new home, it’s important you find the perfect AC to match. Our home comfort specialists will size up your home and determine what system will be the perfect fit for you. Our air conditioning installation experts can custom design a system that meets all of your home comfort needs or pick a unit that is already in stock.

We offer a wide range of products, whether it’s central AC or a ductless mini-split system, our comfort specialists will make sure system is right for you. Our qualified home comfort experts will walk you through the AC installation process and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We look forward to working with you and can't wait to hear how happy you are with your new air conditioning system.


Air Conditioning Replacement

We specialize in air conditioning system replacement. If your HVAC system is outdated or older than 8 years old, then it is likely costing you 40-60% on average in energy. AC systems that are older than 8 years old may have a SEER rating of 8 to 10 while today's air conditioning systems can range up to 20 SEER. That means new systems are nearly twice as efficient as older systems. When installed properly, this means your new air conditioner can save you a lot of money that you are currently giving the utility companies. Call us today to learn more about how we can help replace your old AC and save you money on your utility bills.


Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning MaintenanceYour air conditioning system is a lot like a car. It requires service to run at the optimal level. To ensure your system is running properly and at its highest efficiency, it is important to schedule an annual maintenance or tune-up. Our highly trained technicians will ensure that your system is running properly so that you have peace of mind that your system will run efficiently during the peak of summer heat.

If you are not regularly maintaining your air conditioner, you could be putting your system at risk for a failure. If your AC is not properly taken care of, you could be without air conditioning when the next heat wave hits. That’s why we recommend getting your AC system checked on an annual basis.

During an air conditioning maintenance visit, our technicians inspect the entire system, checking the filters in and outside of your air conditioner, checking all electrical connections, lubricating the blower fan motor bearings, inspecting the condensate line and drain, testing the compressor and cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils.

Having your annual tune-up ensures your system is running properly and efficiently when you need it. It also reduces the amount on your energy bill each month.

An air conditioner is a major investment for any home. Make sure your system is properly maintained to keep problems from arising. Call a professional AC contractor to repair the problem quickly to avoid replacing the system. A little prevention can save you a lot in the long run.


Dave Broussard AC Services all of Acadiana, including:

  • Lafayette, LA 70508 Air Conditioning Services
  • Broussard, LA 70518 Air Conditioning Services
  • Youngsville, LA 70592 Air Conditioning Services
  • St Martinville, LA 70582 Air Conditioning Services
  • New Iberia, LA 70562 Air Conditioning Services
  • Carencro, LA 70520 Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Repair

No matter what you do, sometimes a system will break down. When that happens, you can rest assured that our service technicians are trained to repair any air conditioning system. Our staff will quickly get your AC back up and running in the unfortunate event that your air conditioning system breaks down. We offer emergency service, and we’re open every day of the week, so when it comes to repairing your AC, you can count on us to get the job done.


How Do I Choose the Right Air Conditioner

The air conditioning system is only as good as the contractor that installs it. We recommend you do your homework and research different systems. Talk to your friends and look for online reviews to make sure you hire a reputable contractor. We are a licensed, bonded and insured heating and cooling company.

If there’s anyone to trust in Acadiana with your in-home cooling, it’s our team at Dave Broussard AC & Heating.


Units Price
1 system $269
2 systems   $469
3 systems  $669
4 systems  $869
5 systems  $1,069
6 systems  $1,269
Monthly Payment Plan
Units: Price Up Front: Auto Draft Price
2 systems $234.50 $39.08
3 systems $334.50 $55.75
4 systems $434.50 $72.42
5 systems $534.50 $89.08
6 systems $634.50 $105.75

Preventive Maintenance Program

Dave Broussard AC is your local HVAC industry leader that provides the highest quality maintenance services for your residential or commercial air conditioners, furnaces, and other heating and cooling systems. Clients who are on our HVAC maintenance plan enjoy comprehensive maintenance services that facilitate optimal efficiency, reduce damages done to units by normal wear, and help to avoid more serious complications in the future.


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